The First (Pilot) Arts Assembly

The First (Pilot for a) ARTS ASSEMBLY  took place 20-22 November, 2009 on the Island of Suomenlinna, and at an Open Door Session (Bar Llamas).

For Detailed and Updated Information, go to this page:

What is an Arts Assembly?

An Arts Assembly is a reflexive model for co-operation in the creative field. It unites a diversity of actors in new “formats” based on participatory action through peer-to-peer platforms. There are several Chambers of the Assembly.

The Value Chamber (aka the Auction Chamber):

This chamber was first conceived (during the collapse of casino-style markets) after the fashion of auctions: through bids and counter-bids according to a procedure.  Given the absurd volatility of market valuations, the Value Chamber is designed to provide non-monetary procedures for the evaluation – critical, practical, aesthetic, political, philosophical or otherwise – of artworks presented to it.

The Chamber of Public Secrets:

Many ideas, histories or movements are public, but not known…

The Chamber of Diversity and Pre-Universalism:

This Chamber’s title springs from our conviction that it has long been time to get past the ‘posts’ — post-modernism, post-histoire, post-Soviet, post-colonial, post-national, etc. — and turn to the ideational creativity involved in formulating the oncoming epoch: the pre.

The Copyist Chamber:

The Kamera Kopista, as it is also known, researches models of theoretical, performative, artistic and empirical knowledge; creative content; and creates copies of it and it’s context (the Art Assembly event itself) in other spaces, events and contexts. It claims that the avant-garde producer today is one that shares, copies and clones its work.

The Arts Assembly’s Open Door Party

Perpetuum Mobilε on Facebook
Saturday, 21 November 2009
19:00 – 23:55
Bar Llamas
Iso Roobertinkatu 14
Helsinki, Finland

Random Shots from the Pilot:

The AA in Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna

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