Non-Aligned / Re-Aligned. Lost Notes from the Underground




Past the Post- 35 IS


Lost Notes from the Underground

…and into the fire.

Curated by Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen
of Perpetuum Mobile

Vernissage April 27that 17.00

another vacant space.
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Lost Notes from the Underground

Locked in a wardrobe behind the artist Vladimir Semenov’s kitchen table for nearly twenty years, The Archive of Leningrad Conceptual Artwas discovered by Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen during curatorial research for the retrospective survey exhibition The Raw, The Cooked and The Packaged – The Archive of Perestroika Artat the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma, 2007-2008.

another vacant a warranted way-station for these lost notes from the Russian underground.

Leningrad Conceptualism,unlike its famous and distant Moscow relation, was virtually unknown at the height of its activity. The Archive’s documentary evidence is like a report from the scene of the crime. Composed on crisp rice-paper, meticulously collected in numbered, Soviet-order folders, are the precise typewritten instructions for performances carried out in near anonymity by the group “Seminar” between 1986 and 1988. These exacting descriptions are accompanied by photographs, textual and graphic relics and traces. It is a unique work of Soviet bureaucraticism: all that survived of this ephemeral group of “non-aligned” marginals, save a few precious minutes of crumbling 8mm films, screened here at another vacant space for the first time.

..and into the fire.

The voice of the youngest generation of Russian non-conformist artists stands its ground in dialogue with both illustrious and newly discovered predecessors. In the large-format photograph which documents the street art work eternal flame, T-Radya, 23, paints with Molotov cocktails. His subject is memory. This surprisingly versatile artist’s work is exhibited here as a taster, a pre-launch of the forthcoming thematic exhibition project A RE-ALIGNED ART. This project commences at the Tromsø Kunstforening, Norway, in Autumn 2013. The work’s clear historical stance, its striking aesthetics, its arresting methods, all speak of a newly “re-aligned” art in our era.


For a little comic relief, bridging the era of the non-aligned and the re-aligned, lies the madness of 1990s post-modernism. This will be represented at the opening of NON-ALIGNED / RE-ALIGNED, by a screening of Yuris Lesnik, Vladislav Mamyshev “Monroe” and Timur Novikov’s unbearably amusing Pirate TV. Reporting from the Leningrad-St. Petersburg art scene at the height of the USSR’s catastrophic collapse, this mock television news show, which legend says hijacked the public airwaves, had the Soviet Union’s first public transvestite, Vladik “Monroe”, as its anchor news-woman..

About the Curators

Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen are the co-founders of PERPETUUM MOBILE, a curatorial vehicle and means of mobilization. They describe it as a “conduit and engine to bring together art, practice and inquiry”. The current international RE-ALIGNED project brings their work on Russian non-conformist art at Kiasma into the present, and is projected to broaden its scope at further exhibition venues. Further ongoing processes, among others, are the Perpetual Gypsy Pavilion (Venice 2009) and The Arts Assembly (Manifesta 8). Ivor Stodolsky is a curator, writer and editor, whose theoretical practice is a background to much of Perpetuum Mobile’s investigations. Marita Muukkonen is a curator, known internationally for her work at NIFCA, FRAME and FRAMEWORK and HIAP TALKS.

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Vernissage April 27that 17.00

another vacant space.

Biesentalerstraße 16

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Members of Perpetuum Mobilɛ assisted in co-organising the SEEKING: ROMA* FILM-MAKERS! event

Which resulted in the following vital Declaration:

Creation of the
Berlin, 15 February 2012


To make it possible for more Romani (Gypsy) Filmmakers to realize their projects and to generate more recognition of Romani film professionals in their states, in Europe and around the world, we hereby agree to establish an International Romani Film Commission.

The tasks of the International Romani Film Commission (hereinafter “The Commission”) will be:

• To identify Romani film professionals and facilitate alliances between them;
• To advise, promote, advocate for and empower Romani filmmakers in all aspects of film and
audiovisual production;
• To establish a Fund of The Commission to support the production of films by Romani filmmakers;
• To lobby for better recognition of Romani filmmakers in national and international film
commissions and film industry forums;
• To set up an International Association of Romani Filmmakers (IARF).

Key Procedural Rules
(To be detailed and enshrined in the Constitution of The Commission)

To guarantee the full independence of The Commission’s decision-making process, there must be a minimum of three major sources of funding for the Commission.

Romani decision-making power within the Commission will be guaranteed by stipulating that The Commission’s Board will have a minimum of two thirds of Romani members.

Tony Gatlif ________________________
Katalin Barsony_____________________
Hamze Bytyci______________________
Damian James Le Bas_______________
Dejan Markovic_____________________
Lidija Mirkovic _____________________
Sami Mustafa _____________________
Judit Stalter_______________________
Ivor Stodolsky_____________________

A revised version of this Declaration will be made publicly available online. To express your support, please visit the new facebook page of the International Romani Film Commission:

This above link will also be posted on the Facebook page of
Cinema Total at Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin.

Background to the Platform for the creation of a Romani Film Commission

A group of independent Romani filmmakers from five different countries and their fellows have united to create a platform for the representation of the common interests of Romani filmmakers worldwide after meeting in the context of the Berlinale 2012.

We have decided to create the International Romani Film Commission based on the following common concerns:

While films are among the most useful tools for promoting understanding and debate between majority and minority cultures, unfortunately, when it comes to the representation of Roma, they still reproduce centuries-old prejudices via a static conception of culture.

Romani filmmakers are in a unique position to revolutionize perceptions of Roma around the world but face many difficulties beyond those encountered by most independent filmmakers. Romani film professionals are overwhelmingly under-represented in the film industry. We need Romani people to be present and represented in all aspects of film making, from pre-production to distribution and beyond, in front of and behind the camera.

Due to centuries of exclusion and forced assimilation, the Roma have never had the opportunity to show their real face, to communicate an understandable message about themselves.

In these circumstances, Romani filmmakers in particular are called upon to examine the influence of their work and to mould their effects in positive and constructive ways, especially in terms of how we deal with cultural, ethnic, sexual, religious and other forms of diversity. This is crucial in confronting racism, xenophobia and nationalist extremism.

We are a new generation of artists who are already at work. We seek a new interpretation of our world, one that is created by Romani artists themselves. The envisioned alternative representation highlights our strengths; our capacity for fusion; our sense of glamour, humor and irony; our adaptability, mobility and

The old representation of Roma-Gypsies is dead, the new and real one is now born.


PERPETUUM MOBILƐ‘s PERPETUAL PAVILION ( is a supporter of the UNDER THE BRIDGE – HELSINKI, a project concerning the situation of the Romani-Gypsy people in Finland.

Currently, it is contributing to a series of events at the central ATENEUM MUSEUM in Helsinki:


The Housing Agenda / Under the Bridge – Helsinki

For information see:

The Perpetual Pavilion is a a Perpetual MobilƐzation.

The event resulted in the

The Helsinki Housing Manifesto

which was presented to a high-level EU conference on Roma issues in Brussels in November 2011.

The Trans-Arab Parallel Pavilion launched

The Arts Assembly ( is a co-founder of

The Trans-Arab Parallel Pavilion at the 54 th Venice Biennale

‘Like’ the Facebook page to receive updates:

TheArtsAssembly is a Perpetuum Mobilεzation

54th Venice Biennale

PERPETUUM MOBILƐ was invited to be part of the official selection of the LEBANESE PAVILION at the 54th Venice Biennale.

.. until the LEBANESE GOVERNMENT cancelled the Pavilion.

In this historic moment, due to the current state of affairs in the Middle East and North Africa, Perpetuum MobilƐ is working together with an Arab-led collective to establish a presence for numerous anti-authoritarian, pro-democracy artists and curators whose work cannot be shown in the pavilions of their own countries.

More detailed information will follow.



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Arts Assembly

The AA at Manifesta 8, Spain

Arts Assembly – CPS

A Reflexive Organ of CPS, Curators of Manifesta 8

A Perpetuum Mobilεzation

The Arts Assembly – CPS is a programme of critical evaluations of the Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS), in its capacity as a curatorial team of Manifesta 8.

An Arts Assembly (AA) is a reflexive model for cooperation in the creative field. It unites a diversity of actors in a new genre of formats based on participatory action through peer-to-peer platforms. One can imagine it as a self-constituting parliament. Each AA is structured and tailored to develop a unique modus vivendi for each unique context. In its work for CPS-M8 the AA will operate as a reflexive and critical organ. The membership of  AAs includes artists, philosophers, writers, curators and other intellectuals and art-actors. The CPS AA at Manifesta 8 will include experienced members of the first Helsinki AA. It will “constitute” Charters to evaluate works and processes in public Assemblies.

The early-stage list of participants includes: CPS (Curators at Manifesta 8 ), Perpetuum Mobilε, Parfyme (, Copenhagen), S.a.L.E. (Venice) and Damian Le Bas (London)..

A documentary film by Perpetuum Mobilε for CPS-M8 will be co-produced by the AA with the Finnish-Iranian director Hamy Ramezan.

for certain Chambers of the AA-CPS at M8.

If you would like to be part of the process in Spain please contact

Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen at

A preliminary map of the project (click to enlarge):

Arts Assembly - CPS at Manifesta 8

The Arts Assembly

A Reflexive Organ of the CPS

Perpetuum Mobilε

Manifesta 8, 2010-2011

    The overall goal of the Arts Assembly – CPS is to reflect, analyse, reformulate and critically represent the CPS process at Manifesta 8 through procedures which are both analytical and performative as new works and evaluations.

The Arts Assembly – CPS is a programme of critical evaluations of the Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS) in the context of Manifesta 8. It is piloted by Perpetuum Mobilε.

An Arts Assembly (AA) is a reflexive model for cooperation in the creative field. It unites a diversity of actors in a new genre of formats based on participatory action through peer-to-peer platforms. Each AA is structured and tailored to develop a unique modus vivendi for each unique context. In its work for CPS – in its capacity as a curatorial team for Manifesta 8 – the AA will operate as a reflexive and critical organ.