Reviews and Interviews

Reviews of

THE RAW, THE COOKED AND THE PACKAGED – The Archive of Perestroika Art, Kiasma

  1. Helsingen Sanomat: review with photo reportage in the main Finnish daily.

  2. PICK OF THE WEEK in “NYT”, the weekly supplement to the Helsingen Sanomat.

  3. Russian-language Finnish public radio YLE:Кафе Хельсинки 2.12.2007
    Touko Yrttimaa YLE Леван Твалтвадзе побывал в музее современного искусства «Киасма» на выставке «Сырое, приготовленное и упакованное: архив искусства перестройки».
    аудио (archived audio)

  4. Helsingen Sanomat Report on Estonian nationalist critic, Ants Juske, and his abusive comments in Eesti Päevalehti on the exhibition.

  5. Suomen Kuvalehti: Interview with Andrei Khlobystin and Ivor Stodolsky

  6. Ekaterina Andreeva’s review of the exhibition in Framework 8

  7. Elina Viljanen’s review of the “Another Cage” performance and exhibition in Framework 8


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